More than 3,000 people attended Brew at the Zoo Thursday evening, animal-watching with a cold beer at hand.

The event was part of the Smithsonian National Zoo's effort to raise money for animal conservation.

This year, Brew at the Zoo hosted over 70 breweries who provided unlimited beer tastings. There were also a ton of other activities like live music, food trucks, games, prizes and even VIP access to lion and tiger viewings.

"When it's 95 degrees outside, what would you rather be doing than drinking delicious beer at the zoo," said Jennifer Steward. She said Brew at the Zoo is her favorite holiday, looking forward to it every year.

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"We don't do these events a lot. We keep it few and far between. But it's an important event for the community." said Craven Rand, COO of Friends of the National Zoo. "It raises money for an important cause and wildlife conservation at the zoo. And it's just a great opportunity to bring the community together."