WHEATON, Md. (WUSA9) -- After five years in limbo, the Costco gas station at the Wheaton Westfield Mall will not be opening.

Initial plans for the high-volume pumps were announced in 2010. At that time, residents in the Kensington Heights neighborhood fought the plans. saying it would be too close to their homes, a community swimming pool and a school for children with special needs.

Wednesday, the Montgomery County Board of Appeals ruled unanimously to deny the gas station. The room erupted in cheers.

"Thrilled, thrilled," says Abigail Adelman, Chairman of the Stop Costco Gas Coalition, about the decision. "It was a hard fought case. I felt at the conclusion of our hearing we had really done an excellent job. All along our focus was this was an inappropriate location we were fighting against. No one is against the gas station, just the location. It endangers the health of residents, people using the pool and children who are medically disadvantaged to attend the school nearby. So I am thrilled."


"They have promised us several small amenities and to this day years after the Costco opened they have not been delivered. That is our next task is to hold them responsible, make sure they build the path that they promised and the sound wall," says Danila Sheveiko, a member of the Kensington Heights Civil Association. "It's a good day we are definitely going to celebrate then we are going to run another fundraiser because we still have some bills outstanding."

"When it came to the issue of the need of the station, the fact that we have 25 gas stations within seven minutes of the mall where Costco would be, and those 25 stations are never fully utilized, means there is no necessity for a mega gas station," says Montgomery County Board of Appeals member Stanley Boyd.

They're not done yet though. The Stop Costco Gas Coalition group will go to Annapolis to make sure this doesn't happen in any other communities. "It allows us to go to Annapolis and fight for other communities," says Sheveiko.