'Hey, Hey, ho, ho, B. Devos has got to go.' That was the battle cry in front of the U.S. Department of Education in Southwest D.C. on Saturday afternoon.

Teachers, parents, and students protested the new boss, Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos.

“It's horrifying,” said mom Sara Cambero. She still can't believe Devos will run the public school system that she says has taken great care of her son who has a learning disability.

“It's absolutely necessary that the people at the top know exactly what’s going on,” said Cambero.

Cabero said she is worried about DeVos’ lack of experience within the public school system. DeVos did not go to public school and neither did her children.

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“What Betsy DeVos shows us is that you just need a fat check book at birth and that is not ok.” said Zak Ringelstein. “That is not the message to send to our children.”

Public school teacher Ringelstein came all the way from Portland, Maine to head this protest.

Ringelstein says it is important to take a stand today, to protect the leaders of tomorrow.

Supporters say Devos' lack of experience will be an asset in her new position.

They say she'll be able to bring fresh new ideas to the table that will help the public school system thrive.