A mystery in a prominent Maryland neighborhood remains unsolved, after police found tunnels under a home where a man was killed in a fatal fire earlier this month.

Police have identified the deceased as 21-year-old Askia Khafra of Silver Spring, Md. Khafra's father said his son attended Montgomery College and was an entrepreneur.

How Khafra died is still undetermined at this time and that's just one of many questions to this mystery.

Firefighters responded to the home on Danbury Road in Bethesda on Sept. 10.

In the days since, the area was full of fire trucks, investigators in hazmat suits and 24-hour police surveillance.

Police revealed there were some sort of tunnels underneath the home and the home was full of all sorts of stuff.

Neighbors say 26-year-old Daniel Beckwitt lived in the home. Beckwitt got out OK, but was covered in dirt the day Khafra died, according to eyewitnesses.

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WUSA9 has since learned more about Beckwitt, including his past with police.

In 2013, University of Illinois police confirmed Beckwitt was arrested for computer tampering and damage to a building. They also said the bomb squad was called to Beckwitt's dorm after he ordered material to make thermite, which can be used to destroy hard drives. No charges were filed.

Police and firefighters said he's cooperating with their investigation.

Khafra's dad said he wants answers, too.

He said his son used to call Beckwitt by the nickname "three-alarm."

He said he uncovered a lot online about Beckwitt and he has questions.

Police haven't filed any charges against anyone, including Beckwitt. He can't live in the home since police said it's still considered a crime scene.

Fire investigators said they have sent chemicals found in the home for testing. They said so far they aren't calling this fire suspicious.