West Baltimore, Md. (WUSA9) — News of the not guilty verdict of the van driver, Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., in the Freddie Gray trial spread throughout the city of West Baltimore.

Police patrolled the area looking for signs of trouble.

“I don’t think it’s gonna be no riot just hurt in the heart,” said Sandtown-Winchester resident Tobias Sellers.

The hurt and the memory of Freddie Gray run deep in his neighborhood.

“I shouldn’t say it, but I will say I feel as though when the family settled for that $6 million I feel as though scape goat for cops to get off,” said Ivy Cleaton.

Tributes to the 25-year-old Freddie Gray were at nearly every corner of the neighborhood and throughout the city.

Residents have not forgotten.

“It wouldn’t make no sense to tear up the community,” Anthony Melvin said. “I think the verdict was fair. He said he anticipated the not guilty verdict.”

The Baltimore police commissioner, Kevin Davis, released a statement thanking residents for their peaceful demonstrations.

“I have no doubt we will continue to exhibit behaviors that represent the very best of Baltimore,” Davis said.