It's one thing to see video of the fighter jet crash, it's another to hear it unfold for yourself.

The following is a transcript from audio of airport officials and emergency responders on the scene of a jet plane crash near Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday: 

National Airport Approach, before the crash:

“An engine fire, may – seem – I’m not sure what they’re doing right now.”
“75 roger, can you tell me what they’re doing? Looks like he’s in a bank left, rolled out, now he’s in a rapid decent, well now somebody’s doing a rapid brake right by him.”
“At our 11 o’clock, rolling to the 11 o’clock there’s a huge plume of black smoke that just smited the earth.”

Prince Georges County 911:
BEEP “Rescue local, in the area of the Surratts road bus lot, a plane crash.”
“Okay we’ve got numerous locations.”
“We’re at the rear of Wood Elf Way.”
“That is where the plane is reported to be down.”
“We also have a report of two parachuters.”
“We need an EMS unit to go where the pilot is said to be down.”
“And a helicopter is on the ground at this time and they are checking on their welfare.”
“I copy.”
“Volunteer duty chief communications can Andrews advise if the aircraft is armed?”
“I’m on the scene right now with 25, I’ll be assuming command – it looks like we have part of the fuselage in the woods.”
“Andrews says you must retreat, as it is armed. No one is to enter or exit the scene, do you copy?”
“That’s good, go ahead and hit the evac tones.”
“Attention all units, evacuate the area.”
“Go ahead and give me a second alarm, we’re going to have to evacuate the houses in the area.”
“Going to have 25, 27 and 29 start evacuating Wood Elf in this area.”
“I’m out with Medic 25, Ambulance 25, pilot is being transported by military helicopter.”
“We’re advised from the Air Force there was only one personnel from the aircraft.”


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