A family of five got stranded in a boat on top of the Goose Creek Reservoir Dam early Monday evening, Loudoun County Fire and Rescue said.

The two adults and three children were found teetering on the edge of the 20-foot dam after the motor on their small fishing boat had failed.

Fire and rescue units said the swift current made the boat very unstable. The family had seated themselves in the back of the boat to prevent it from tipping over the dam.

(Photo: Loudoun County Fire and Rescue)

Except for one adult, all were wearing life jackets, rescue crews said.

Initial attempts to reach the family using an aerial ladder were unsuccessful because the boat was too far from shore. First responders then went downstream with deputy equipment in case the vessel fell over the dam.
A tow rope was connected to the fishing boat and the family was pulled safely to shore.

“Swift water rescue incidents are among the most dangerous activity we perform. In this case, five lives were saved due to the combined efforts of the men and women of our Fire and Rescue System. I am extremely proud of their efforts.”

(Photo: Loudoun County Fire and Rescue)