Some Ashburn residents are doing all they can to stop the construction of new townhomes and condos in their community.

According to several planning officials in Loudoun County, several different developers have submitted separate plans to build more than 130 townhomes and condominiums near the corner of Hay and Ashburn roads in Ashburn.

Tim Stone is the president of the Ashburn Station Homeowner's Association. He told WUSA9 many residents in the area are concerned about the amount of traffic the new home would create in the area.

"We just can't imagine having hundreds of additional cars on those roads," he said.

Both Ashburn and Hay roads have two lanes. Stone said he believes they are already too congested.

Some residents have put down signs in protest of any new development in the area. The signs read #SaveOldAshburn. Development opponents even put together a petition to make their stance known.

However, not everyone in the area is against the proposed housing plans. Landowner David Fogle said he hasn't experienced any problems with traffic. He added he believes new development would improve that part of Ashburn.

"The answer is not to restrict the growth in an area that is already grown up," he said.

Loudoun County leaders are discussing a proposal that would limit the amount of homes that can be placed on an acre of land in certain rural zones. If the proposal were to pass, officials tell WUSA9 all the developers would have to resubmit new applications for their projects to fit the new rule's guidelines.

A public hearing on the matter is scheduled for Wednesday.


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