After nine long years, family and friends thought the murder of 25-year-old Timothy Spicer was destined for the cold case files, but detectives never gave up.

Spicer finished his final shift as a line cook at Ben’s Nov. 17, 2007. That night, he drove to Anacostia Metro Station to meet up with a girl - never knowing it was a set up.

Police say the suspects arranged the meeting so they could carjack him. Their investigation began after shots were fired. The suspects are friends who grew up in Barry Farms: Randolph Williams, Kadeem Quarles, and Maurice Blakey.

They were just 16 years old at the time and allegedly plotted to carjack Spicer’s Chevy Caprice with chrome rims.

“He loved his car,” said Virginia Ali owner of Ben’s Chili Bowl and the victim’s owner boss.

According to court documents, “the driver started fighting with Mo (Maurice Blakey) over the gun. Ko (Kadeem Quarles) told Mo to ‘hit em up-hit em up. Mo shot the decedent.”

“Just take the car and let him go,” Ali said, “leave him alone but that didn’t happen and we miss him even until now.”

Ali hung up a framed picture and note on the restaurant’s wall. Inside the frame is a letter from Spicer’s mom, thanking Ali for loving and believing in her son who started at Ben’s when he was just 16.

Now she hopes the arrests bring closure to his mother and the now 14-year-old son Spicer left behind.

“That little boy and his mom come here still on his birthday and sit by this picture on the wall," she said.

Police were on to the suspects but never had evidence to link them to the murder until 2014 when somehow detectives were led to search the victim’s cellphone.

They discovered a picture of the victim on the phone. He was wearing sunglasses. The very same sunglasses one suspect was wearing the night he was caught.

Then in 2015, a jailhouse informant blew the cold case wide open. The suspects are being held without bond and are facing felony murder charges. They will be back in court in early December.