Dangerous behavior or a misunderstanding? A school field trip was cut short at one D.C. school after am armed security officer was called in to control a group of first graders from Two Rivers Public Charter School in Northeast, D.C.

About 45 students, 6 and 7 year olds, were enjoying their class trip Tuesday May 2nd. The students in question were looking for spiders by some picnic tables when a staffer drove up to them and began yelling that they didn't belong there. 

Roughly 10 of the students were not talked to before the staffer called in an armed security guard who knew to de-escalate the situation.

Alayna Waldrum's son was on the field trip and she wrote a letter to the director with actions she wanted taken:

1. An apology to the TRPCS staff and families who were shaken by this interaction and made to feel unwelcome
2. A community meeting with TRPCS parents
3. Disclosure, or development of reasonable protocol for staff when dealing with public visitors
4. A plan to install clear signage for visitors of “off-limit” areas in the Arboretum
5. Clear information for school classes and others visiting the National Arboretum about your rules, including where they can have lunch and break time. 

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton followed up with her own letter demanding an apology.  A spokesperson for the Arboretum said they take the issue very seriously, are reviewing the incident and the letters, and will take appropriate action.


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