A Pentagon City woman created a Twitter account specifically to call out abandoned Costco Carts. Sarah Wohl and her husband couldn't take a walk without seeing the carts at nearly every corner.

According to Wohl, most of the carts were blocks away from the actual store. She says many people shop at the bulk retailer, take the carts home to carry their groceries and don't bring them back to the store on Fern St. in Arlington.

Wohl started this Twitter page @CartsofPCArl to make light of the situation. Whenever she sees an abandoned cart, she calls Costco out.

"It's hard to place responsibility on Costco or full responsibility on the people. I think both parties need to take some responsibility," said Wohl.

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She created the Twitter page to poke fun at the neighborhood issue, but hopes people do take this issue seriously.

We reached out to Costco to ask about the stray carts, but they didn't want to comment.