At Reagan National Airport, the day before Thanksgiving was chaotic. Long security lines and a lot of people waiting to reunite with loved ones.

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One family didn't mind the long lines or the long wait times. It was nothing in comparison to how long they have waited for their son.

"This is the first time he's been to our house for Thanksgiving," said Kathy Carter.

After 44 years, Gary Childress reunited with his biological father and Kathy Carter, his stepmother. Childress says for years; his mother kept him away from his dad's side of the family.

"She never spoke of him. For a while, I thought my stepdad was my dad because he adopted me. That's all I knew. There was always something inside me that I knew my family was out there," said Childress.

And his family was out there. His dad, stepmother, and three sisters. He tried to find them years ago but was unsuccessful. Ultimately it was Facebook that reunited them after his partner went looking for them.

Childress' flight was delayed out of South Carolina, but fighting through the holiday travel was worth it.

This is all worth it, getting to spend the holiday with them, spending some time with my dad and my sisters," said Childress.