A 20-year-old Annandale man was arrested and charged after he allegedly tagged two local religious institutions and posted anti-Semetic fliers on a local Virginia campus.

Dylan M. Mahone was arrested at his home Wednesday night by Fairfax County Police after detectives found evidence connecting him with the three hate crimes.

The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia and the Little River United Church of Christ were tagged with hate graffiti overnight on April 11. The fliers were posted on The Northern Virginia Community College's campus last month and campus police initiated an investigation on March 20. 

Detectives found video of one of the April 11 incidents and positively identified the suspect. 

Mahone was charged with two counts each of felony destruction of property, placing a swastika on religious property with the intent to intimidate and wearing a mask in public to conceal one’s identity.  Campus police charged Mahone with one county of felony destruction of property and one count of wearing a mask in public to conceal one’s identity.

To report hate crimes, call Fairfax County Police's non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.