Had it not been for two U.S. Capital Police Officers, people could have been killed. Authorities said the security detail on the Alexandria, Virginia, field Wednesday saved several lives.

Those officers, who were part of Rep. Steve Scalise’s security detail, fired back as the suspected gunman opened fire on Congress members and staffers with a semi-automatic rifle.

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50 West Armory’s Scott Wahl fired the rifle and handgun to show how the suspect could have easily overpowered everyone on the field. Gunshots from a M4 rifle he fired echoed outside as smoke left the barrel.

“I wouldn’t want to be those officers,” said Wahl. “[The fact that] police only used handguns to take down this guy is a pretty amazing feat.”

CBS News said the suspected gunman, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, used a rifle similar to an M4 rifle in the Wednesday GOP Baseball Practice shooting.

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Wahl said the M4 is a $1,000 gun that fires a slightly smaller bullet than an AK-47.

“This would be an M4, which would be a standard rifle round, which is [5.56 mm caliber]. And this would be a round that Capitol Police would use,” he said, comparing the bullets.

Wahl held up a .40 caliber bullet. Capitol Police use a Glock 22 according to its website. Wahl fired a similar version with the same caliber to demonstrate the unfair fight. But police didn’t run away from it.

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“I think anytime you have someone with a handgun going up against someone with a rifle, it’s an unfair advantage,” he said.

Wahl said with a rifle involved in the shooting, there could have been more people killed. With any semi-automatic gun, a person can fire as fast as he or she can pull the trigger.