A little dog trapped on a rock in the Potomac River was rescued by a Good Samaritan last week, when he was in Old Town with some friends.

Talal Osman Oglu, 20, said he was with some friends around midnight when they heard what sounded like barking, coming from the river. Shining their cell-phone flashlights, they saw a ragged little dog clinging to a rock.

Talal held onto his friends, leaned out over the river, and grabbed the pooch. They took her to a veterinarian, who said the dog had been neglected and was in bad shape. But not anymore.

The five-year-old, six-pound toy poodle wound up at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria where staff members gave her the name, "Cub E. Bear."

"She started off as an underdog just like the Cubs this year. And, a miracle has happened. And she gets a second chance," said Communications Coordinator Mary Flynn.

Bear's hair was terribly matted and she had to be treated for skin and eye infections.

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On Friday, she received a serious grooming. Toyia Robinson of Clean Puppies donated her time, shaving off nearly all of Bear's curly locks.

"She was neglected. Either not having her owner, her owner had her and did not take proper care of her, who knows what her story is. It's impossible to know, it's a real mystery. How does a little dog wind up in the Potomac?" said Megan Webb, Animal Welfare League Executive Director.

They know she was someone's pet at some point because she can fetch and she loves people.

Bear was first taken to the VCA Animal Hospital where she treated. The hospital brought her to the Animal Welfare's League's shelter where she lay still for four days.

"Yesterday, she actually leapt out of her bed, ran over and played with toys,” Webb said. “And that's what makes this work so gratifying is to see an animal in such awful conditions, who knows what their past was, and being able to turn them around and have a future."

Cub E. Bear will go to a foster home for about a week and during that time she'll be spayed. Then, she'll be ready for adoption to a good home.

You can find more information about Cub E. Bear and other dogs and cats at the Alexandria shelter.