More than 1,000 toys made their way home with a bunch of grateful kids yesterday.

On Saturday, Fairfax County Fire Chief William Bailey held a toy drive for local kids.

Volunteers at Samuel Tucker Elementary School in Alexandria handed out gifts to families in need.

"We have our police department, our fire department, sheriff's office, 911 dispatchers and numerous businesses here in the city that are volunteering their time and provided these gifts for these deserving kids," Bailey said.

Bailey, who is also on the city council, said he puts the event on each year because he knows many families sometimes have to choose between bills and putting presents under the tree.

For Bailey, toy drives like this are very important for him to be a part of.

Bailey said, "I remember growing up and my family tried to decide with six kids what should we do. I remember my parents bringing us to an event like this. It feels great to be able to give back."

Bailey said his goal is to make sure that every kid wakes up with something under the tree on Christmas.