The FBI is done collecting evidence, and the City of Alexandria worked to clean the mess left behind after a shooting ambush.

“We were totally shocked,” Peggy Allen said. “My husband went out to get the newspaper and we heard the gunshots.”

It was a nightmare Allen and her family were still waking up from.

There was a shooting at a republican baseball practice at a Del Ray park early Wednesday morning.

“We walk every morning. We walk through Simpson. We bring our grandson here to play. My husband grew up playing little league ball here. So, you hear bout sad things, but you just don't think they're going to happen in your backyard,” Allen explained.

Congressman Steve Scalise and four others, including to Capitol Police agents, were hurt during the attack.

“It could've been so much worse if those police officers hadn't responded so promptly,” Allen said.

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Streets were wrapped in crime tape, people couldn’t get to their cars, and daily routines were flipped upside down.

Contract workers spent Saturday cleaning and sanitizing the crime scene to make sure no blood was left behind.

Surrounding roads and the park are now reopened, and the baseball field where everything went down will be closed until Sunday.

“It just gives you a little feeling that things are getting back to normal even though you'll never walk through there and feel the same,” Allen told WUSA9.

Even though things may feel different Allen and so many of her neighbors said this won’t keep them away.

“We don't want one evil person to destroy our daily routine, our way of life,” she said.