On Sunday morning, hundreds gathered for the Vida Thrive 5K Run and Walk at Hains Point, in order to raise money for a growing homeless population.

The annual event brought in nearly $16,000 for Thrive D.C., which helps the vulnerable population.

"It's wonderful," said Alicia Horton, from Thrive D.C. "It's incredible. I'm stunned by the generosity."

In Washington, D.C., there is an estimated 8,300 people who are battling homelessness. Advocates from Thrive D.C. said that that population grows larger each year.

"Individuals and families are living on the streets," she said. "Or in shelters. Living in their cars, or couch surfing from pillow to pillow, not really having a secure address."

The race was organized by Vida Fitness, a gym in the District. This is the second time that the race has been held, and nearly 600 people raced this year.

Jackie Grant Sr, who has battled homelessness himself, sang the National Anthem on Sunday morning. He said organizations like Thrive D.C. can make the difference, when it comes to picking up the pieces.

"I was an at-risk individual," he said. "Due to the death of my daughter. It was such a shock to me with no warnings... My life just fell out of balance and I knew it."

Thrive D.C., located in Columbia Heights, was created 37 years ago to help the homeless population. Staff members told WUSA9 that 200 to 250 people use their services on a daily basis.