Gavin Moore had a vision for a new Star Wars film.

“One of the characters goes crazy because of how much time he’s spent in exile," he said.

On Friday, donning a tuxedo for the occasion, he shared that vision with a crowded theater.

The 13-year-old has been involved with all stages of making the film, since production started in October.

“We were like, what kind of role do you want? Do you want to be an actor, do you want to be on camera, he was like no no, I just want to make a movie," said aid Lizzy Coplin, with the University of Maryland’s Filmmakers Club, which helped coordinate production of the film. “Just his love for cinematics really drew us to Gavin.”

Moore was born with a congenital heart condition.

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“His first surgery was when he was eight days old. I found out when he was three days old that he had the same condition that his sister had, a whole in the bottom of his two chambers of his heart," said Tara Scott, Moore’s mother.

The condition is not life-threatening.

“He’s down to every two years at the cardiologist, he hasn’t really had too many limitations, so he’s been lucky that way,” Scott said. “He’s just been through a lot, with school, with his dad passing away so it just meant a lot to me to have all of us here.”

Joel Loukus, with ADG Creative acted as Assistant Director of the film. Loukous said it’s been like a part-time job for him over the last six months, and estimates he spent more than 200 hours on producing high quality special effects.

“We felt that it wasn’t Gavin’s wish to make a forgettable film," said Loukus. “We wanted to bring our best filmmaking game to the process so that people could sit down and watch regardless of the context it was made in. You don’t need any context, that it’s Gavin’s make a wish film. Anybody can sit down and watch this, and enjoy it.”

Moore watched the movie in full, for the first time at Friday’s premiere, and said it was an exciting experience.

“Just stick with your dreams and don’t let a certain condition get in the way of it," he said.

You can watch the movie on YouTube next week.