Sometimes, one kind gesture can change a person’s world for the better.

Will Barry is the football coach at the Olney Boys and Girls Club. One day, one of his players, Gabe Lara, approached him with an idea.

Gabe wanted Coach Barry to play his younger brother, Tristian, in a game.

"Tristian has been looking at the boys for the last two years playing and Gabe always felt bad that he [Tristian] couldn't play," said Tristian's grandfather Dave Sherman.

Twelve-year-old Tristian couldn't play for most teams because he has Down Syndrome. However, that wasn't a problem to Gabe's teammates in Olney. They decided to embrace Tristian and let him play in the team's last game before the playoffs.

"It's not very often you get a front row seat to that kind of grace," said Coach Berry's wife, Katherine Barry.

When Tristian got the chance to play, he did not disappoint.

He scored a touchdown with the help of his teammates. The other team, Winfield, even congratulated him.

"To see my little brother run out and score a touchdown, while he's on my team, it's just amazing," said Gabe Lara.

One kind gesture became a moment Tristian will never forget.