WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - A data analysis of pre-Silver Line service to Monday's rollout shows some winners and some losers.

The analysis confirms predictions of fewer trains and longer waits for Blue Line trains but shows more trains and shorter rush hour waits for passengers heading from Rosslyn to Stadium Armory.

WUSA9 partnered with MetroMinder.com to review actual rush hour service Monday compared to the same 6:00 am to 9:30 am service two weeks before the Silver Line.

MetroMinder.com, which gathers the data for an app that shows real-time Metro performance, tracked each train during the periods at Farragut West Metro Station.

The analysis showed, overall the Farragut West saw an average increase of about 10 trains per hour towards Virginia, and a six train per hour increase towards Maryland.

The increase of Silver Line trains meant average rush hour waits per trains improved from departures every three minutes pre-Silver to every two minutes on day one of the rollout.

The MetroMinder analysis confirmed what Blue Line riders have been concerned about – fewer trains and longer waits for the Blue Line.

The data shows pre-Silver line service during the time period had more trains at an average of 6.4 trains towards Virginia per hour compared to Monday's rollout with a 4.8 train average during the same rush period.

Blue Line service towards Maryland showed a 1.6 train per hour average decrease.

The decrease translated into a wait time of three minutes longer towards Franconia and one minute longer towards Largo.