Broken sidewalks, dangerous intersections and steep ramps are just some of the chronic issues making life difficult for wheelchair users in Northeast, D.C.

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WUSA9 Reporter Andrea McCarren checked out some of the places viewers suggested on social media. She never even made it Southeast because there are so many barriers that quadrant.

“It’s rough,” said John Crum.

Crum is at the mercy of strangers.

“I was shaking for a minute trying to get through there,” Crum said.

He was simply trying to make it across the street alive.

“Sometimes you have to just [rush] your way out there. Make them stop,” he said. “That’s dangerous.”

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Even with a crosswalk at Minnesota Avenue in Northeast at Clay Place, it is a danger zone.

The construction in this neighborhood makes this area an obstacle course of barricades, bumpy sidewalks and missing curb cuts.

“You got to go all the way around to get to one,” said Crum. “That’s life.”

Another challenge is steep ramps. It leads to a pedestrian bridge that crosses 295.

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Imagine what it’s like in a manual wheelchair rolling up a vertical incline for well over 100 feet.

Andrea McCarren checked the law on this and learned the Americans with Disabilities Act requires a flat place to pull over and rest every 30 feet. This ramp doesn’t have any.

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