18 Days: The Relisha Rudd Investigation
Author: Jan Jeffcoat, Dori Olmos, CRIS MULLEN, Sonia Dasgupta
Published: 12:19 PM EDT March 19, 2018
Updated: 8:39 PM EDT April 6, 2018

What happened to Relisha Rudd?

It's a case that's captured the D.C. area's attention for four years.

In 2014, 8-year-old Relisha Rudd disappeared, but police didn't know for 18 days.

In WUSA9's true crime podcast 18 Days, we look at what happened after Relisha was last seen and what police found out about her alleged abductor, 51-year-old Kahlil Tatum, a janitor at the D.C. homeless shelter where her family lived.

Narrated and written by WUSA9 Anchor Jan Jeffcoat and produced by Dori Olmos, the podcast takes you through the first couple days of the case, weaving in new information and sound from the people who knew Relisha and Kahlil.

We find out more about the family's day-to-day life, the places where Relisha was last seen and where the investigation stands now.

Special thanks to Cris Mullen for his help with editing.

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If you know anything that might help bring Relisha home, call D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099 or text tips to 50411.


18 Days: The Relisha Rudd Investigation

Chapter 1

EPISODE 1: March 19, 2014

Relisha Rudd was only 8 when she disappeared in DC.

In the first episode of 18 Days, Jan explores the missing girl's case by going back to the first few days it was reported. Jan talks to veteran WUSA9 journalist Bruce Leshan, who was one of the first reporters on the story, about how the case unfolded.

We begin to explore Relisha's life, her family's life in D.C. General and how she met Kahlil Tatum. We hear from Dora Taylor, a spokeswoman with the city's Department of Human Services, and we see what was life was like inside the shelter. We meet people who saw Relisha everyday at the shelter and learn more about this missing girl.

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Episode 1 Resources:

WATCH video of Relisha practicing lines for the Homeless Children's Playtime Project weeks before she disappeared.

SEE photos of Kahlil Tatum.

WATCH the surveillance video of Relisha and Tatum.

LOOK at photos from inside DC General

Chapter 2

EPISODE 2: The Evidence

In this episode, Jan digs into Kahlil Tatum's past and how he evidently was able to fool a lot of people. But Relisha's family trusted him. Relisha's step-grandmother explains why she didn't have any red flags about the janitor at the homeless shelter where Relisha's family lived.

Jan and her producer go to some of the last places Relisha was seen alive, including the hotel where the chilling surveillance video was taken of Relisha and Tatum together. They reveal new information never known before about that hotel.

The search for Relisha takes several dark turns, leading police further away from finding the little girl.

And an official at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children addresses one of the most widespread theories in Relisha's disappearance: Is there any evidence she was sold into a sex trafficking ring?

Episode 2 Resources:

EXPLORE a map to see the important locations involved in this investigation and just how close they are

WATCH an extended interview with D.C. Police Capt. Michelle Caron

Chapter 3

EPISODE 3: Shamika Young

Coming soon.