WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --- The Internet of Things (IoT) describes products connected to the internet. These gadgets often may collect and transmit sensitive data such as health information, physical location and daily habits of its consumers.

Get a glimpse into how IoT may impact data security with Alysa Hutnik, a partner at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP. Hutnik specializes in privacy and data security law.

She explains how businesses should consider data security through the "whole life cycle" of its IoT products. The added measure will help avoid "data disasters" that may lead to litigation, Hutnik explained.

As a federal regulator of business practices, the FTC published a report on the landscape of IoT. The report underscores the importance of businesses adopting a "data security lens," according to Hutnik.

Watch the video to get a summary of FTC's key business guidelines for the IoT frontier.

Produced by: Elizabeth Jia