At just a year old, Emilie Meza has the energy that lights up a room.

You would never realize she’s going through something very heartbreaking, fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Emilie started chemotherapy just a year and a half ago. After having a bone marrow biopsy, tests showed she needed a bone marrow transplant.

The family has about 2 and a half weeks to find a donor.

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“I beg as a mother with my heart in my hand for everyone to get tested,” says Roxana Meza, Emilie's mom.

Roxana is now advocating the importance of getting tested to become a bone marrow donor because it's not just Emilie but dozens of toddlers in our area need it.
"I feel like we're playing the lottery and we're just not hitting any numbers," says Meza. 

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Here's another family bone marrow drives:

April 15, 2017

9 a.m.- 1p.m.
Southern Technical Collage
298 Havendale Blvd Auurndale, FL

If you would like to donate or want to help you can get more information here.