Many people around the metro area are noticing something unusual sprouting in their lawns.

Mushrooms normally sprout in the fall but the Denver Botanic Gardens' fungi experts say the wet spring has caused mushrooms to pop up early.

Though they look edible, experts say it's bad idea for any person or animal to eat mushrooms out of your lawn.

Some are poisonous, at a minimum, most will get you, your pet, or your child sick

Andy Wilson, Assistant Fungi Curator at the Denver Botanic Gardens says If your kids or pets get into mushrooms in your lawn, you should get medical help and put some of the mushrooms in a bag to bring to the doctor or vet.

"Just describing what the mushrooms look like doesn't do it enough considering that there's literally thousands of species of mushrooms out there, many of them are just brown mushrooms," he said.

Wilson says mushrooms are in your lawn are actually a sign that the lawn is healthy, and they'll probably be gone in a couple of weeks.

If you really want to pick, eat or just to know your mushrooms, there are classes for that.

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