Tons of bloggers and social media users say that apple cider vinegar can help with almost any solution, including heart disease, diabetes, hair care, skin care, allergies, and weight loss.

KENS 5 spoke with three experts about apple cider vinegar.

The list includes Dr. Jaiwant Rangi, Internal Medicine Physician and Endocrinologist, Nutritionist and Dietician Karina Knight, and Dr. Dennis Godby, Primary Care Physician in natural approaches.

First, we tackled heart disease.

Dr. Godby said there have been studies in where hypertension and blood pressure were reduced.

But Dr. Rangi said you need to add exercise too. "It also improves your lipids and cholesterol. And all of those things are risk factors for heart disease so once you improve on that and approve diabetes control improve cholesterol and improve weight loss that would all go positive with the heart health," Dr. Rangi said.

So what about Diabetes?

Dr. Rangi said, "They are at a very high risk of getting low blood sugar or staying high so there can be more fluctuation in the blood sugar so they've got to be careful they've got to talk to their doctors and they've got to let their practitioners know."

Dr. Godby added, "One of the treatments for diabetes would be to take 2 tablespoons with maybe half a cup of water and eat about an ounce of cheese and it typically lowers fasting glucose quite significantly."

Allergies are next on the list.

All three experts said the evidence is unclear whether apple cider vinegar works for allergies. "Unfortunately for allergies, it would be wonderful if it could help but there hasn't been anything but anecdotal experiences to say it is helpful," Knight said.

As for hair care, the mixture has long been used as a natural hair care product because the acidity is close to that of natural hair making it a good conditioner and germ killer.

Just mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water and apply it after shampooing.

How about skin care?

We found two methods to share. The first, add one-and-a-half cups to your bath water to treat sunburns.
For pimples mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts of rooibos tea and apply to the blemish.

Finally, we tackle weight loss.

The only study to test the idea in people was done in Japan. In the study, 175 overweight people took either vinegar or water daily for 12 weeks, all with similar diets.

Knight said, "They noticed that the ones with apple cider did lose one or two more pounds compared to the control group but it wasn't too significant to say it was the apple cider and everyone got the weight back up after the study."