"I feel good," the Reverend Donald Robinson said. He feels good and looks even better and younger than his 79 years. He plans on living to be at least 100 years old.

"Everything I ate for about the first eleven years of my life were organic. We raised it," the Reverend said.

Pesticide-free chickens, cows and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables grown in the Robinson family's garden were all staples. Even now, he still tries to eat organic as much as possible.

So, he never thought he had any heart troubles, that is until this past February.

It was something about WUSA's free Heart Love health screenings that brought him to Broadcast House to have his cholesterol, blood glucose and pressure checked.

"I've learned that God takes care of me. God is the one that got me to that screening, really!"

Robinson got quite a shock when the nurse gave him the numbers for his blood pressure.

"And, it was really high! They got frightened because they felt I was near a stroke," he said.

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Robinson immediately made an appointment with his doctor. He was prescribed medication for his blood pressure. He takes the pills daily.

"This helps my whole body," he said, as he works out on the new exercise equipment he bought. He started walking more and even stepped up his health regimen.

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You see, the Reverend Robinson's mission is not only improving his well-being, but the lives of at-risk children in the Edgewood community located in Northeast DC.

He founded Beacon House 26 years ago. It's an after school program that provides more than nourishment for the mind and body. It also serves as a beacon of hope for their future.

"To help them, help themselves by getting them out of high school and into job training programs, and doing all kinds of good stuff, you know. If people only knew, we can save the children," he said.

Robinson believes WUSA's free Heart Love health screenings saved his life. He now checks his blood pressure every morning.

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On this day, Robinson's blood pressure was 129, a good number for his age. And although he is retired from Beacon House, he plans to be around a while longer to help sow seeds when he can and watch them flourish and grow into confident young adults.

"I really believe if I hadn't gone to that screening...that I'd probably would have had that stroke," he said. "So, I think all of that has kept me with my feet flat on the ground and walking around doing all of the things I need to do."