March is National Kidney month.

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The National Kidney Foundation, National Capital Area hosts its fourth Congressional Dinner at the Liaison Capitol Hill on Monday.

Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson is the Gala Chair. Congressional leaders will be honored for their work on

Are e-cigarettes a gateway to real tobacco use among minors? Not likely, according to public health researchers from Michigan and New York.

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Their findings show even if there is a small gateway effect, it is totally swamped by the overall trend in teens toward less and less smoking. However, focusing on the potential risks to kids seems to be discouraging some adult smokers.

And are you ready to Shake Rattle & Roll for a great cause?

On Friday, at the Ballroom in Bethesda, The Hupcaps will perform oldies, but goodies to help Critters For the Cure, raise money to provide emergency financial aid to women fighting breast and gynecological cancers.