Minority Donor Awareness Week ends Monday, but the urgent need for donors of color is far from over.

Nearly 117,000 people are on an organ donor waiting list. Among those waiting 22 people will die each day. While minorities make up 58 percent of those currently on the waiting lists, only 33 percent of donors are minorities. For them, the critical need is for eye, organ and tissue donations. Just one donor has the potential to save eight lives.

Don't know if the bosses will go along with this one, but if you're feeling stressed, or anxious during the workday, like half of American workers, go play a video game.

In a study, participants were given a five minute break. Those on a silent rest break felt less engaged with work and experienced worry as a result. Only the video game players reported that they felt better and recharged after taking their break.

And in the near future, those same gaming elements may help improve student performance.

Expanding on their 2015 findings, researchers in Australia developed a mobile learning app that includes multiple-choice quizzes, push notifications, digital leaderboards and badges.

Teachers push quizzes based on course content directly to their students' devices in order to motivate them, increase their competitiveness, and keep them engaged with the course. The APP is still being tested.