It's Colon Cancer Awareness month.

Colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women and men combined in the U.S.

If it is found in its early stages, Colon Cancer is stoppable and preventable. The colonsocopy remains the gold standard, but for those turned off by the prep, there are several screening methods available now, including in home testing.

Heart disease remains the number one killer of women. Those who've been treated for breast cancer face a higher risk due to the cardiovascular damage from cancer therapies.

But exercise seems to protect the heart. Women who had about five hours of moderate exercise a week before their diagnosis were 40 percent less likely to have a cardiovascular event and 60 percent less likely to die from coronary heart disease.

A different type of exercise, yoga, can help people who suffer from depression.

Yoga and deep breathing exercises at least twice a week can lead to a significant reduction in symptoms.

In some cases, yoga could be used as an alternative or a supplement to drug therapy for depression.