It is breast cancer awareness month, and here's a unique giving opportunity for survivors to help underserved women in need.

It's the Brem Foundation's Re-Bra Initiative. After a woman has breast cancer surgery her bras no longer fit properly.

Through Re-Bra, she can donate her pre-surgery bras to women who can't afford bras. But you don't have to be a survivor to help.

All this month, donations of new or gently worn bras are being accepted at any of the 22 Pure Barre locations in the DMV.

A new drug combination goes head to head with the aggressive form of breast cancer---Triple Negative. Every half hour, a woman is diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

It disproportionately affects younger women, black women, and women with a BRCA 1 mutation. In the lab, scientists have combined a new protein inhibitor with a chemotherapy drug to create a powerful pairing that resulted in cancer cell death.

The next step is for researchers to develop a clinical trial to test the drug combination in patients with triple-negative breast cancer.

Monday is your Buddy Check 9 reminder. Reminding women and men about the importance of Early Detection is something I and WUSA9 have been doing since 1993.

In addition to mammograms, clinical exams and genetic counseling, lifestyle is key to reducing your cancer risk.

Overweight and obesity are associated with an increased risk of 13 types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Regular exercise should be a breast health habit. Up to 150-minutes a week, and limit your time sitting. And don't forget to call your Buddies and remind them to get moving.