In today's Health Alert: Healthy personal relationships and good heart health may go hand in hand, especially if you're a man.

Researchers tracked changes in cardiovascular risk factors for 620 married fathers over a 2-year period.
They looked at the dads' blood pressure, resting heart rate, weight, BMI, blood fat profile, and fasting glucose levels

Men who had described their marriages as "improving" had better cholesterol readings and a healthier weight years later. "Deteriorating" unions, on the other hand, "were associated with worsening diastolic blood pressure. No similar correlation for married women.

Researchers believe that's mainly because women have better networks of social support.

We've been told that sitting too long is unhealthy. Well its seems standing too long isn't much better. If you're sitting all day and think a standing break will provide a health benefit, don't count on it. The energy you expend when you're standing is not that different from sitting. So while standing up for a while may help people with conditions like back pain, it won't offset a sedentary lifestyle. The true opposite of sitting is actually to be more active.

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