The link between a woman's cancer risk and obesity may have a lot to do with where that fat is located in the body.

In separate studies from China and Spain, researchers found that belly fat in women before menopause raised their breast cancer risk.

And abdominal fat is also a key factor when it comes to higher cancer risks in postmenopausal women. Diet and lifestyle changes are critical to lowering the risks.

One lifestyle change you can make right now - if you're sitting down, you to need to get up and move. Here's the new reason why.

Researchers found that sitting for longer periods of time increased the risk for an early death, regardless of age, gender, race, weight or how much one exercised. People who sat the most had twice the risk of dying over a four year period as people who sat the least, but taking a break every 30 minutes to get up and walk around might help decrease the risk.

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