We here at WUSA9 we know the loss and devastation caused by inoperable brain cancer.

Glenn Brenner, the city's best-known TV sportscaster, was a colleague and friend at Channel 9. He died back in 1992 from the same cancer that Sen. John McCain is now battling.

Glenn was only 44 years old. When he died, the entire city went into mourning.

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Married and the father of three young children, Glenn was a great communicator, funny, and smart.

He also was a great athlete. It was after completing his second Marine Corps Marathon that he fell ill.

The inoperable brain tumor wasn't discovered until several months later.

Glenn's co-anchors were Gordon Peterson and Maureen Bunyan.

Fifteen-hundred people turned out for Glenn’s funeral at the National Presbyterian Church in Northwest, not far from WUSA9’s current studio.

Presidents George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan were among those who sent condolences.