For centuries, the ancient practice of yoga has helped people stay young and healthy.

And at 98 years old, Tao Porchon Lynch said it has helped her live a long and healthy life.

“It teaches us to breathe correctly,” Tao said. “It creates that, that energy, if it moves in your body, creates life.”

Tao learned yoga when she was a child in India. She’s been teaching the ancient practice for half a century and has been named the world’s “Oldest Living Yoga Teacher” by Guinness World Records.

Even after three hip replacements, she still holds seven classes a week in Hartsdale, New York.

"So much I've gained in flexibility, in strength, in breathing and being level," said Tao’s student Susan Douglass.

"She's shown me you gotta try," added Julieann Ulbrich.

Tao also does ballroom dancing. She competes across the country with her partner, who’s 25 years old.

"As soon as Tao comes into studio, I don't think about her age. I just see her smile and her eyes, that she loves to dance," said her dance partner, Anton Bilozorov.

Tao said she will keep moving as long as she lives.

“I love every day to see the sun and to help people,” she added.

She credits yoga for opening new doors and keeping her young.

Tao doesn't smoke, and she tries to eat in moderation.