Opening Day and the NCAA championship all happened on the same day and you have to go back to work the next morning.

Here's a few ways to make sure if you had a little too many Monday night, you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work. 

1. Drink water: Sounds pretty obvious, but you should make sure you're hydrated the day after a night out drinking. Preferably, you drank some water before bed and maybe took an aspirin to ward off that next day headache. 

2. Drink other liquids, too. Drinking water is helpful, but to replenish your body quickly, try Gatorade, Powerade or coconut water -- heavy in electrolytes. Coffee can also help wake you up, but don't drink too mush as caffeine can cause dehydration. The Vitamin C in orange juice is also a go to for some. 

3. Greasy food. Well this is more for you to eat before you go out. Some people even swear by having a spoonful of olive oil before they head to the bar. Either way foods like burgers, fries and pizza really help soak up the alcohol while you're drinking. 

4. Work out. Although it might seem like a bad idea when you're groggy, exercise can really help you get over a hangover quickly. You "sweat it out" and get an endorphin boost. 

5. Eat a big breakfast. If you're hungover, eating a hearty breakfast can help. But unlike the greasy food you need before you drink, the morning after try things that are easy to digest like toast, eggs and cereal. 

6. Ginger. Eating some ginger or drinking ginger ale can help settle your stomach.

7. Prickly pear extract. Not sure about this one, but according to one study, the extract from this unique fruit can help reduce the effects of a hangover if taken 5 hours before you go out. READ MORE.

8. Go back to sleep. If you can sleep in or have flex time, go back to bed and catch a few more ZZZZs. That could be the simple thing you need to get over this quickly.

9, Prevention. Don't drink too much in the first place. Not being your mother, just putting out the obvious solution. 

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