All month long we are sharing your survivor stories to bring awareness to breast cancer. Together we are #SurvivorStrong

"Jannell Pickeral is my daughter in law. She is a 3 year cancer survivor. Jannell lives in a small town village in upstate New York. First, she had an accident while white water rafting and went to the doctor who sent her to 6 weeks of therapy. The therapist concluded something was wrong and needed to go get checked out, which she did. She was sent to the emergency room where she had to have surgery on her spine as there was a tumor right next to the spine. After the surgery the doctor told her she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. They operated on her after recovering from the spine surgery. They removed the cancer in her thyroid...After the surgery a lump was found on her breast and she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She went through weeks of chemo and radiation. She is the strongest person I know. Her family and the community supported her from day one...All the teachers and students were fantastic. I've never seen a community help as they did. They took turns cooking for the family, took the boys to wherever they needed to go - the school even had a "pink out" in her honor . There is so much I could say, but the best thing is she is cancer free. I love her so much" - Sue Tayman, mother-in-law

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