Not everyone will get to see Star Wars opening weekend, and with that comes a sense of dread. How can someone avoid spoilers?

In a world where everyone is posting their thoughts and reactions instantaneously, it sometimes seems that the only way to stay spoiler-free is to put down the cell phone and unplug from social media.

For Google Chrome users, a new extension promises to eradicate those pesky spoilers from their internet browsing. It's called "Force Block," offered by Priceless Misc, and it's receiving rave reviews from hundreds of users.

When an Internet peruser comes across a website containing spoilers, a window pops up instead, warning of possible spoilers ahead.

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of spoilers," Force Block warns, before giving the option to either back out or continue to the possibly spoiler-riddled website.

Their most recent update, on December 13, states that Force Block will now protect against spoilers from the latest installment of the Star Wars universe. The extension says the spoilers were made known to them by a "Rebel spy :)."

Google Chrome users can download the extension here.