WUSA9 is getting a new puppy to raise and train as a potential service dog.

We are working with California-based Canine Companions for Independence.

Canine Companions is the oldest service dog organization -- established in 1975 -- and has placed nearly 5,300 teams since it was founded.

WUSA9 Reporter Andrea McCarren will raise the service dog again on our behalf.

The group doesn't solely serve veterans, but places service dogs into four types of services: "service dogs for adults with physical disabilities; skilled companions for children and adults with emotional, developmental or physical disabilities who need the help of a training assistant or guardian; hearing dogs for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing; and facility dogs for professionals to help promote healing and facilitate therapy for patients, students or residents in their care."

Canine Companions does not charge for assistance dogs or for the lifetime support the organization provides. Canine Companions is a non-profit funded by private donations by individuals, corporations, foundations and community organizations.

So what kind of puppy will we get? The puppy will be a golden retriever, Labrador retriever cross. He will be yellow and will have a name that starts with the letter "N."

You can vote for the puppy's name here (through April 14): http://www.wusa9.com/servicedog

The litter of puppies was born March 23 and they are so adorable-looking.

The dogs will stay in volunteer breeder homes until they are about 8 weeks old and are placed with volunteer puppy raisers for 14 to 18 months.

Connect with Canine Companions for updates sent directly to your inbox. The only thing missing is the puppy breath! Sign up here: http://cci.org/wusa

Learn more about Canine Companions here.