Weeks after launching an online challenge to keep the homeless warm this winter, a pair of local clothing designers get support from a celebrity.

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"Fatboy SSE, I'm going to send you five sleeping bags," shouted Kendall Haley, co-founder of clothing line F.A.D.E.D Ambition, in a recent Instagram video. "I challenge you to find five people who are homeless and hand them each a sleeping bag."

Shortly after the video message went up online, New Jersey Rapper and Comedian Fatboy SSE accepted the challenge. The Instagram star, who has more than four million followers on the platform, caught up with Haley and his partner Daniel Wilson to receive five custom-made sleeping bags Saturday. They will give them out to the homeless this weekend. There is also plans to nominate another celebrity for the "Sleeping Bag Challenge" in a video Sunday.

"We're giving these sleeping bags away, " said Fatboy SSE in an Instagram video Saturday night. "I appreciate ya'll for incorporating me."

Haley and Wilson, who are childhood friends turned entrepreneurs, started the challenge because they want to help the homeless and raise awareness about their needs. Early this month, the pair started a GoFundMe account called "100 Sleeping Bags." They set a goal to raise almost $2,000. Since word got out, they reached almost $3,000.

Using money from the account, the two have purchased more than a 100 sleeping bags and distributed them throughout D.C. and Baltimore. An order has just been placed for more.

"The feeling is amazing because they're just so thankful for someone to come out of their way to do a nice gesture," Haley said. " Our plan is to do more. We have more amazing ideas to help the homeless."

Haley and Wilson say their brand is about more than clothing, but spreading love and positivity.

"F.A.D.E.D. Ambition stands for 'Forever Achieving Dreams Everyone Denied' ", Wilson explained. " In order to do that, you have to have ambition."

The team asked their Instagram followers to tag celebrities who should accept the challenge of receiving five sleeping bags and handing them out. The sleeping bags come in red and blue drawstring bags with the clothing line's logo. People online have tried to get the attention of P.Diddy, Tyler Perry and DJ Khlaed, hoping they will accept the challenge.

When the team links up Sunday, they plan to shoot a video nominating the next star. It's not clear who they will officially choose yet, but followers could expect the answer soon.

If you'd like to donate to this cause, visit their GoFundMe account here.

You can also follow F.A.D.E.D. Ambition on Instagram at Faded Ambition.