WATKINSVILLE, Ga. -- In their most trying time, a local family said one nurse went above and beyond comforting them and caring for their mother in her final days.

But TunDe Hector broke down in tears when she learned what they did to repay her unwavering kindness.

The family of Judy Wright invited TunDe to their home earlier this month to share a special message with her.

"A few weeks ago, our circumstances fell out of control, but God reminded us he is in control when you showed up," Judy's son Chris said.

He then went on to describe all she had done for the family and for their mother. But it turns out, their story started much earlier than this.

Three years ago Chris met TunDe under different circumstances. She had run out of gas on the side of the road. A stranger turned around and picked her up, filled her gas can and gave her what he had in his own wallet.

It wasn't until TunDe told the story years later that they realized it - he was that stranger.

In the time that followed, TunDe would repay his kindness 100-fold.

"TunDe provided gentle love and kindness to Judy, sweet words of prayer when we needed them most and a connection that only Divine Intervention could orchestrate," Chris read. "We quickly realized that she was our guardian angel."

In their mother's final days, TunDe pulled Chris aside to speak with him.

"She informed me that the Holy Spirit had revealed to her that Judy would pass away on her birthday," he said.

TunDe rushed over to be by their side the day that happened.

"We cried, we laughed and we rejoiced in a God that is bigger than our circumstances," he read.

It had all come full-circle.

"I had entertained an angel 3 years ago and TunDe completed her mission from beginning to end," Chris said.

And now, the family decided it was time to show how much that dedication meant to them. In getting to know her, they had learned that she was going to school to become a full nurse.

That's when she learned that the kind words he had been reading about her were posted on a crowd-funding website. Knowing that money had been tight, they had already raised thousands of dollars to help her with her education.

As of Wednesday, that fund had already ballooned to well over $20,000.

Earlier in the afternoon, Chris quoted scripture - Hebrews 13:2.

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have entertained angels without knowing it."