There are a lot of school clubs across the Valley that bring students together, but one group of kids have developed a special club centered on trying to make the world a better place.

They call themselves the “Kind Kids Club.”

The group of first-graders at Galileo STEM Academy works hard to be kind at every opportunity. But first-grade teacher and leader of the Kind Kids Club Jolynn Aldinger says getting into this club isn't easy.

"It takes courage to be kind," said Aldinger.

Aldinger says teaching students life skills is important. So just like reading and math, kindness is part of the lesson plan.

"Now in our world we have a lot of hate and anger, and I think we are missing an opportunity to teach our kids empathy, and respect and kindness," said Aldinger.

"It's as simple as saying thank you or holding a door open for somebody or sharing a smile, that’s it," she said.

Aldinger created the club last year as a fun way to encourage her class to be kind every opportunity they can.

To become a part of the club, students do ten random acts of kindness. After joining, these "agents of kindness" spread the word by being kind in the classroom and also on their own time.

"I’ve had parents come up to me sharing how their kids on a playground would say, you know what I’m going to go ask that kid to play because I’m a member of the Kind Kids Club," said Aldinger.

The group has done everything from picking up all the trash on the playground to writing thank you notes to people who serve the community.

Aldinger's students say they enjoy being kind because it makes the world a better place.