The Hilltop, Howard University’s student-run newspaper, released a statement demanding resources from school administration on Thursday.

The statement, released by members of the executive board, asked for a monetary budget, a functioning printer, access to Adobe Creative Suite, compensation for executive board members, and access to multimedia equipment, among other demands. They say that due to these lack of resources, they are "struggling to properly reflect the thoughts, ideals and beliefs of the student body."

The publication also took to Twitter, using the hashtag #WWYDHU, to highlight their impact as an organization. According to Twitter, The Hilltop was the first to announce the lineup of Howard’s 2017 YardFest and covered the university’s 150th homecoming celebration. The newspaper also says they provided timely coverage for an investigation into a potential campus shooting on October 17. The shooting reports were later determined to be unfounded.

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In voicing their complaints, The Hilltop wrote on Twitter that their limited resources “inhibits our ability to grow” as opposed to other school newspapers in the DMV area. They posted a graphic comparing their publication to the University of Maryland’s student-run publication, The Diamondback, as well as American University’s The Eagle.

The Hilltop was co-founded by Zora Neale Hurston and Louise Eugene King in 1924. It is published digitally as well as in print weekly.