Getting the kids ready is easily one of the hardest parts of back to school. Although we can't guarantee an end to all morning madness, here are a couple tips to make the transition a little bit easier.

Prepare ahead of time

Breakfast, lunch, clothes, permission slips - it's all too much to think about early in the morning. Instead of trying to accomplish the impossible every morning, make it part of your after work/school routine. Meal prep lunches (and even breakfast) for the week, pick out and iron outfits the night before, and go through your kids backpack each night to locate any lingering permission slips.

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Turn morning visuals into an arts and crafts project

Making a visual to-do list makes it nearly impossible to forget your tasks for the day. You can turn it into an arts and crafts project with your kids, using laminate, permanent marker, and stickers to decorate a to-do board you can tack onto a blank wall.

Give yourself extra time

Wake up 15 minutes before the kids and give yourself time to reflect on the day's goals, and grab some coffee. Giving yourself this small amount of time gives you the opportunity to sort any last problems out before running around with the kids.

Assign morning jobs

Give your kids the responsibility to pack their own lunches, or pour cereal for their siblings. By assigning them routine tasks, you teach responsibility and take a little stress off your own plate.