This August, make finding back-to-school deals easy with these mobile apps. With the click of a button, find the best price on the coolest new shoes or double check the school list you left at home.

Red Laser (Available for iOS and Android, Free)

Use Red Laser to make sure you're getting the best deal on everything in your cart before you swipe. Simply scan your barcode on the app, and the cost of that item in nearby retailers will appear instantly.

School Supply List (iOS, $0.99)

With the School Supply List, you can create and share individual school supplies lists. Teachers and students can organize and edit lists with store preferences, combine lists, and create notes for items.

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Flok (iOS and Android, Free)

Flok is a mobile rewards program, which matches you with nearby retailers that offer loyalty reward programs. Most stores will start giving you rewards for just signing up! Once you start gaining points with companies, you can redeem them at any time.

Key Ring (iOS, Andriod and Windows, Free)

Instead of cluttering your wallet with rewards cards, host them all on Key Ring. Save your store and library cards to the app, and collect coupons and points on your phone. Create shopping lists, save coupons, and save your favorite cards, which are all backed up to the cloud.

Retale (iOS and Android, Free)

Instead of visiting every office store within a five-mile radius, check Retale for weekly deals and sales at your favorite stores. For back-to-school season, create shopping lists and notifications for your top products.

Pitter Pad (iOS, Free)

Instead of trying to maneuver through busy malls and shoe stores, Pitter Pad allows you to measure your child's shoe at home and order online. The app is perfect for families with iPads. Pitter Pad's shoe conversion is initiated when a child places their foot on the screen. It's perfect for rapidly growing toddlers.

Allowance+ Bank of Mom (iOS, Free)

Allowance+ is great for students who feel as though they're big enough to go shopping on their own. The app automates allowance payments, and tracks deposits and expenses.