A way to see the magic of a solar eclipse safely is to view with a pinhole viewer or pinhole projector.

Adults – you may remember using one of these when you were a kid to view an eclipse.

To make one of these, you’ll need two pieces of cardstock, a piece of aluminum foil, scissors, tape, and a paper clip or pin. Take one of the pieces of paper and folding hamburger style, cut a square or rectangle out of it.

Then cover that hole with aluminum foil, taping it down on all four sides. The next part is creative for the kids! Use a paper clip or a pin and poke small holes in the aluminum foil.

They can make whatever design they want. Parents, make sure you supervise this part for younger kids. So now you’re ready to view the eclipse!

Face your back to the sun, hold the pinhole viewer in your hand, and place the other white cardstock sheet on the ground, so that you can see the sun’s light coming the viewer and portrayed on the second sheet of cardstock.

During the eclipse, you’ll notice the holes disappearing as the sun is covered up.