SPOKANE, Wash. -- Since eclipse glasses are so hard to find across the Inland Northwest here is an easy project to help you view the total solar eclipse.

What you will need:

Small box with a lid (A shoebox is perfect.)
Small square of aluminum foil
Small square of white paper
Utility knife or hobby knife

1. Cut a 1″ square hole in the lower right corner of the small end of the box.

2. Tape the aluminum foil over the cut out square and poke a pinhole in the center of the foil. The pinhole is where the sun will shine through

3. Tape the white paper on the inside of the box directly across from the square of aluminum foil with the pinhole. This is where the sun’s image will appear.

4. Cut another 1″ square hole in the lower right corner of the long side of the box. This square hole is the viewing hole. You will be able to see the white paper through this hole.

5. Stand with your back to the sun, close the lid and look through the open square onto the white paper. Focus the sunlight through the pinhole and on the white square of paper.

This type of eclipse viewer is known as a pinhole projection because the image of the eclipse is projected through the pinhole onto the viewing surface. You will be looking at a projection of the eclipse instead of looking directly at the sun.