A group of military seniors almost had their solar eclipse watch party ruined when an online company lost the order and the special eclipse glasses never showed.

“Everybody is really excited about it,” Barbara Freedman said.

It is no secret that Mrs. Barbara Freedman is excited to see the eclipse.

” I mean that couldn't have worked out better,” she said. “Can you imagine the eclipse coming all the way across the United States?”

Mrs. Freedman started an astronomy club in the Falcons Landing military community in Sterling.

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The group made big plans to sit out on the tennis courts and watch the eclipse on Monday.

However, the party almost ended early when the company they were getting protective eclipse glasses from said they never got the order – and the glasses weren’t being delivered.

This felt personal to Mrs. Freedman because the skies hold a special place in her heart

“I worked in the pentagon for the military. I was an Air Force secretary,” Mrs. Freedman said.

It is where she met her late husband – a fighter pilot.

They connected over writing and astronomy.

“I like to go outside as a matter of fact. Sometimes I would just walk from one building to another just to check out the stars,” Mrs. Freedman said.

Our team at WUSA9 got to work – making phone calls and sending emails.

Journalists at the station reached out to local stores, museums, and scoured the internet for the solar eclipse glasses.

There were a lot of no’s… but we got a yes.

The retired military seniors and their families will have the glasses they need to experience the solar eclipse.

“Wow. Wow. Thank you so much,” Freedman said.