As the solar eclipse faded from view, Google searches for “eclipse headache” and “eyes hurt” skyrocketed.

“There was a patient who came in yesterday reporting blurry vision,” said Dr. Alberto Martinez of Visionary Eye Doctors.

About a week before the spectacle, the practice asked for patients to return its promotional eclipse glasses. The fear was they did not meet protective standards.

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But Martinez says the real risk was to naked eyes “if you look for ten, fifteen, twenty seconds.”

Martinez gave an eye exam to WUSA9 reporter Pete Muntean, who insisted that his vision was blurry after viewing the eclipse through borrowed, ISO-certified glasses. Martinez inspected Muntean’s macula, the region of the retina responsible for keen vision. The result of the test was perfect eyesight.

Is this proof that “eclipse eye” is in the eye of the beholder? “The best way to find out is to be examined,” said Martinez.